Add ImageTenna the fairy of Music
Tenna is the Guardian Fairy of Miscena, and a former student at Alfea College for Fairies. She is also a member of the Delux Club.

Bonny, Pixie of Good Manners

Dede, the bear cup

Reli, Selkie of Miscena's ocean gate


16( first season)

17( second season)

18( third season)

19( fourth season)

20( fifth season)

21( sixth season)

Birthday May 30
Origin Miscena
Affiliation(s) Alfea , Delux Club , Specialists ,Miscena
Power's and Abilities

Sound Manipulation

Sound-based magic and spells


Music Interpretation



Musical Animation

Sound wave Projection

Harmony Inducement

Relationship(s) Kye (fiance), Mark (ex-boyfriend), Delilah and Cimeon (Biological Parents), Kevin and Jessica (Adopted Parents), Maria (elder sister), Christina (childhood friend), Anomen (brother-in-law)
Hair Color Red-Orange Ombre
Eye Color Turquoise
Signature Colors Blue and Pink
Favorite Color Yellow
Best Friend Starla
Symbol Hearts